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Chief Red Cloud's face has been completely redesigned to accept a shed or cut off antler.  This face is designed with a one inch pedicle (just like the Sacagawea antler mount) and looks great with the left shed or left side of a cut off rack.

Use a 1 inch paddle bit and recess a hole into the base of antler, drill 1/4 inch hole in pedicle, and 1/8 inch hole up into the antler. insert  ball of epoxy putty in between and tighten down.

comes with a 3 1/2 inch lag screw.


Comes with mounting kit.

Note : kit does not have the mounting block like in the regular War Bird kits.

Note: This face cannot be use to mount a wing, but is designed to be used only to attach a left antler.

Note: Panel shown is not included.

Red Cloud antler mount- left face with kit



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