Red Cloud RT- Lakota Sioux
Blond beaver blanket on willow hoop
Chief Two Moons-Cheyenne
Red Cloud
Ringneck pheasant pair on drift wood
Colorado mule deer mount.
Chief Red Cloud-Lakota Sioux
Chief Red Cloud -Lakota Sioux
Red Cloud the elder-Lakota Sioux
Chief Whirling Horse- Sioux
Silver pheasant with Chief Red Cloud
14 pt.$750
11 pt. $750
14 pt Licking shoulder-rotating base
11 pt
11 pt Adam $750
Golden Pheasant - male and female

Some very unusual items  for sale!

Tanned Fox  for life size mounts

Pheasant pairs : $350

Jumbo tanned Blond Beaver on willow hoop: $450

Whitetail custom pedestal mounts. : $750

IndianWar Bird mounts with wing : $325

IndianWar Bird face only wall hanging: $179

  Also have some moose and caribou racks for sale..price varies

Occasionally I have some older mounts for sale.  Sometimes mounts are not picked up, sometimes they are  just excess displays.  Please call if you have special requests.