War Bird kits for sale

                    $125 per kit for Standard size faces.   

                       PayPal & Credit  cards accepted

                          email: tcrawfo1@neo.rr.com

                                 Phone 330-484-1768

The War Bird Series is a collection of unique, life-size sculpted faces of animals and famous American Indian chiefs. They have a patented design that incorporates any medium to large bird wing or wings, into very unusual wall art. Use them for ducks, geese, crows, pheasants, or turkeys. Each face is a signed art piece by the artist, Tad Crawford. 

These faces can be utilized in many ways. Install them in habitat scenes, the back of pedestals, various Indian crafts or just as a stand alone art piece for the Indian collector.

Each kit contains one unfinished, polyurethane face with pre-cast glass eye,10 assorted glass Crow trade beads, glass seed bead headband, silver plated concho, leather lace, wool trim yarn, one turquoise stone, one faux eagle feather, mounting block, and instructions to the taxidermist for skinning and mounting the the bird wing.

I do occasionally have some pre-finished faces for sale at the slightly higher cost of $150 for the pre-finished face and kit. Please call for details, 330-484-1768.

Also, if you would like to buy extra decorator items for these faces, I have real buffalo teeth, faux bear fangs and faux grizzly bear claws for $3.00 each. 

Note: Other finished face wall hangings and faces already mounted may be seen on this web site (see Mounts For Sale). Postage is extra for these however.

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