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Some very unusual items for sale

Pheasant pairs : $350

Jumbo Blond Beaver on willow HOOP $450

Whitetail custom pedestal mounts. : $750

Indian War Bird mounts with wing : $325

Cainasauras erasticus, aka 'the dino dog' : $2200

Red Cloud RT- Lakota Sioux
Blond beaver blanket on willow hoop
Chief Two Moons-Cheyenne
Red Cloud
Ringneck pheasant pair on drift wood
Colorado mule deer mount.
Red Cloud the elder-Lakota Sioux
Golden Pheasant - male and female

Occasionally I have some older mounts for sale.  Sometimes mounts are not picked up, sometimes they are  just excess displays.  

Normally have various new War Bird mounts ready for your home or as gifts. Most are mounted with wild turkey wings.

Please call if you have special requests.

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